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Commercial Pest Service
Our Business Class Services are designed to meet the needs of both the value conscious and the image conscious.
Residential Pest Services
Our Integrated Pest Management approach is designed to control today’s problem and prevent tomorrow’s.
Community Fundraising
Introducing MariGrow™
MariGrow is a powerful fundraiser for teams, bands, schools or non profits.
Termite Services
Termites damage more homes every year than earthquakes, fires, and storms combined.
Bed Bug Radication
Bed bug infestation is at its highest level in almost a century!
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About Atlanta Marigold Pest Services

Marigold was founded by two entrepreneurs with vastly different backgrounds who share a common vision: To build a Pest Service Company unlike any other.

About Marigold Pest Service

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Our Core Philosophy (our “Why”)

  • To work to limit the reliance on products by addressing the conditions that invite pests in the first place
  • To deliver a uniquely positive customer experience
  • To reach our goals by helping others reach their goals

Community Partnership (MariGrow™)

What better way to grow than by helping others grow? MariGrow is a unique fundraising initiative developed to simultaneously address our challenge of smarter growth while providing a fun and painless way for local organizations to raise money.

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Eco Aware Company

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is our treatment methodology of choice. Simply put, IPM is a comprehensive approach to reducing or eliminating pest infestations, where an emphasis is placed on identifying and reducing the conditions where pests thrive prior to product application.

Smart Growth

Our disciplined approach to growth allows us to build and expand our market within the communities we already service, reducing both operational costs as well as costs to the environment.

Green Choices

In addition to working to reduce the amount of product required to solve pest issues, Marigold is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. These efforts include a fleet that features over 50% hybrid vehicles, paperless billing, and recycled materials whenever possible - including even some of the shirts our guys wear.

Atlanta Office: 1900 The Exchange SE, Building 200, Atlanta, GA 30339


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Atlanta Marigold Pest Service.

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