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Commercial Pest Service
Our Business Class Services are designed to meet the needs of both the value conscious and the image conscious.
Residential Pest Services
Our Integrated Pest Management approach is designed to control today’s problem and prevent tomorrow’s.
Community Fundraising
Introducing MariGrow™
MariGrow is a powerful fundraiser for teams, bands, schools or non profits.
Termite Services
Termites damage more homes every year than earthquakes, fires, and storms combined.
Bed Bug Radication
Bed bug infestation is at its highest level in almost a century!
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Eco-Friendly Pest Services

Commercial Strength

for your home too!

Don't settle for ordinary pest control approaches

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to also protect your residence

Our kinder, smarter approach to home pest control keeps your home safe from the most difficult and destructive pests. Whether it's roaches, termites or bedbugs - you name it, we handle it through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) eco-conscious approach designed to control today's problem and prevent tomorrow's by addressing the core issues making your home attractive to pests in the first place. In addition, our courteous and friendly technicians will:

  • Inspect and seal entry points
  • Look to reduce harborage areas
  • Review food storage and disposal practices
  • Consider any conditions inviting to pests

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What does “environmentally conscious” pest control mean?[+]

    A: From product selection to application techniques to company culture, we strive to protect your home from the damage and nuisance of pests while minimizing the impact to the environment:

    • Our application techniques focus on the prevention of the causes of infestation, significantly reducing the amount of product being used. 
    • We make every effort to employ products with the lowest possible impact on the environment, while also ensuring the problem is resolved.
    • Whenever possible, we use hybrid vehicles, paperless billing, and recycled materials in our printed material and even a few of our uniforms!
  2. What if I see a bug right after you were just here?[+]

    A: It is quite common to see activity in the hours immediately following service, as we have very likely caused a great disruption to the pest’s routine. It’s important that the product applied is allowed to be distributed back to the colony to get the greatest impact. Generally, this can take up to two full days. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions - we'll be happy to stop back to deal with possible stragglers or any new “unwanted visitors.”

  3. What about payment options? [+]

    A: We make every effort to reduce the amount of paper we produce and the administrative cost to process payments. With that in mind, most of our clients choose to keep a credit card on file with us. We also offer a pre-payment option where you can pay your annual treatment program in advance and receive an instant 10% discount.

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